Wedding dress

Photograph: Sai Guda

Wedding dress Designing and making a wedding dress for Kelly Briggs (who is an amazing artist, go check her website!). Dress with a low back, low shoulders, an underskirt, and a corset. Beaded fabric from India and subcycle satin. Final dress Design Using a diversity of images of references, we agreed on this design.

Ton Corps – Ma Terre – Tatiana Spivakova

Ton Corps – Ma Terre – Tatiana Spivakova Directed and written by Tatiana Spivakova.Using text extracts from Mahmoud Darwich.Artistic collaboration Tamara Al Saadi Directing assistant Shadya KarbalAdministration and productionGaspard Vandromme & Coline Bec WithHayet Darwich, Maly Diallo, LuanaDuchemin, Alexandre Ruby, RaymondHosny, Yacir Rami Light creation Cristobal CastilloSound creation Malo ThouémentMusical creation Yacir RamiScenography Salma BordesCostumes… Continue reading Ton Corps – Ma Terre – Tatiana Spivakova

Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova

Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova Written by Daniel Besnehard, with Anna Akhmatova’s poemsDirected by Tatiana Spivakova. With: Catherine Gandois, Sarah Jane Sauvegrain, Vincent Bramoullé Scenography by Salma BordesLights by Cristobal CastilloSound effects by Malo Thouément.Produced by 984 production It was played in the theatre Le Lucernaire (Paris) from January 29th 2020 to March 17th 2020. The… Continue reading Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova

Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame Text : Christophe Pellet WithDaphné Biga Nwanak AudreyClémence Boissé MoïraPaul Fougère WilburAlexandre Houy-Boucheny JoachimYsanis Padonou KathalynFlorian Sietzen Dimitri Directed by Ferdinand FlameDramaturgy Hugo SoubiseSet design Lisetta BuccellatoCostumes design Clémence DelilleStage manager Marco HollingerSound Lisa Petit de la RhodièreLight and video Germain FourvelBelén Perini (EMAD, Montevideo, Uruguay) The National Theatre of Strasbourg offered me to worked on: Les Disparitions, ou… Continue reading Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Waistcoat 1930

Waistcoat 1930 Waistcoat realized with the tailor Arthur Haie. This waistcoat is a specific model from the 1930s characterized by a square-form rever neck. We created a male cloakroom suit, worn with the suit of the time: white tie or black tie, respectively with the tailcoat or the smoking jacket. Technical challenges:Handmade tailor buttonholePiped pocket

Abyss masks

Abyss masks April 2018 – Plastic horsehair, nylon threads, varied dimensions Inspired by creatures from the abyss, this research led me to create different masks from a single material: nylon horsehair. The workshop was run by Mathilde Grebot and Eloise Simonis two professional costume makers. Drawing research


Headdress September 2017 – Coton canvas, batiste cotton, cotton veil Inspiration model from 1770. FASHION – Une histoire de la mode du XVIIIe au XXe siècle (Akiko Fukai) Taschen, 2002. Inspired by the XVIII century headdresses. Modernization of the shapes and patterns realize by casting. Pleats made by hand, handkerchief hem. Technical challenges:CastingVolumesPleatsCasing

Volume and materials

Volume and materials The origin of this project is a raincoat from the nineties. I dismantled it, arranged the pieces in a different order, and started to question the pattern as the matrice of something reproducible. Same pattern, three materials Due to the characteristics of each material, I assembled the pieces in different ways, trying… Continue reading Volume and materials