Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Text : Christophe Pellet

Daphné Biga Nwanak Audrey
Clémence Boissé Moïra
Paul Fougère Wilbur
Alexandre Houy-Boucheny Joachim
Ysanis Padonou Kathalyn
Florian Sietzen Dimitri

Directed by Ferdinand Flame
Dramaturgy Hugo Soubise
Set design Lisetta Buccellato
Costumes design Clémence Delille
Stage manager Marco Hollinger
Sound Lisa Petit de la Rhodière
Light and video Germain Fourvel
Belén Perini (EMAD, Montevideo, Uruguay)

The National Theatre of Strasbourg offered me to worked on: Les Disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle, (The disappearing, or whereas the world is burning) in order to validate my two year degree in costume making.

I realized a costume design by Clémence Delille for the character of “Joachim” interpreted by Alexandre Houy-Boucheny.


Joachim is an androgyne character. The costume’s design reminds man cloakroom codes (pant pleat, imitation leather) as well as women’s cloakroom codes (darts breast, waistline). The collar covered with sequins brings mystery to the silhouette and became an important acting element.

He wears an imitation leather overall, lined with silver satin as the actor has to remove it during the performance.

Design : Clémence Delille