Volume and materials

Volume and materials The origin of this project is a raincoat from the nineties. I dismantled it, arranged the pieces in a different order, and started to question the pattern as the matrice of something reproducible. Same pattern, three materials Due to the characteristics of each material, I assembled the pieces in different ways, trying… Continue reading Volume and materials


Strata The workshop project was driven by Lorenzo Nanni, a textile artist and embroiderer. Stratas are the sign of time passing, an element growing, a living material mark. This project was textile research around one type of matter structuration: strata. How do transcribe strata without a repeated pattern, but with errors and imperfections? I used… Continue reading Strata

Bacteria Manifestation

Bacteria Manifestation 4cm x 4cm, February 2016, Golden organza, batting and beads, screenshots details of photographs series of bacterial cultures. Beaded embroidery inspired by bacterial cultures observations. I tried to find a way to transcribe complex and changing microscopic textures and colours. The small squares’ formats permit the creation of movable ornaments on any support.

Fragile – Le Séchoir

Fragile – Le Séchoir 155cm x 75 cm, June 2015, Polyester muslin and cotton engraving printings, tulle underskirt. «No(w) Future» workshop’s project.Exhibition at le Séchoir, Mulhouse (France), from June 5th 2015 to July 14th 2015. The exhibition emerged from an intense week in November 2014, when the students went into immersion in the natural reserve… Continue reading Fragile – Le Séchoir