Volume and materials

Volume and materials

The origin of this project is a raincoat from the nineties. I dismantled it, arranged the pieces in a different order, and started to question the pattern as the matrice of something reproducible.

Same pattern, three materials

Due to the characteristics of each material, I assembled the pieces in different ways, trying to listen and understand the possibilities of it.

The costumes that came out of this process question textures, transparency and stiffness.

2017 – Fiberglass, silicone, nylon bristle, nylon threads

The work was completed by dance, video and sound performance. A dancer wore the costumes, her movements were impacted by them. The sound was a recording of each material. During the dance, I projected a video of the raw material used and transformed to create the clothes. That projection was an ornamental moving pattern of the costumes.

Research and development