Je m’appelle Ismaël – Lazare

Je m’appelle Ismaël – Lazare

In order to confirm my two-year degree in costume making, I created an entire silhouette for a show. During an internship at the National Theatre of Strasbourg, I realised an architectural costume for a secondary character, drawn by Léa Perron, for the show: Je m’appelle Ismaël, (My name is Ismael) directed by Lazare in March 2019.

Je m’appelle Ismaël

Written and directed by Lazare
Artistic collaboration  Anne Baudoux, Laurie Bellanca, Marion Faure 
Scenography Vincent Gadras from Sombre Rivière set designs made by Olivier Brichet
Lights Kelig Le Bars
Sound Jonathan Reig
Costumes Léa Perron

Stage direction Audrey Gallet
Choreography and assistante Marion Faure
Musical assistante  Laurie Bellanca
with Anne Baudoux, Laurie Bellanca, Audrey Gallet, Odile Heimburger, Thibault Lacroix, Olivier Leite, Emile Samory Fofana, Philippe Smith, Veronika Soboljevski, Julien Villa et Marion Faure 

The costume has been cut off the production, so I finished the structure and the theatre offered me to work on another production: Les disparitions où tandis que le monde brûle.

The contract was to create a spheric costume that will contain the actress’s body. Therefore, this structure was elaborated like a crinoline. Beyond this technical challenge was an artistic one, because the outside texture of the sphere was to invent.

Design for ‘La boule rose’ by Léa Perron

My final work


This document explains the whole process of making and researching. It is only available in French at the moment. You can find technical drawings at the end of the document.