Metamorphosis – Festival Latin Grec

Metamorphosis – Festival Latin Grec

Design and making of the costume in collaboration with Amandine Pénigot and Thelma Di Marco (DMA Costumier Réalisateur, Lycée La Martinère Diderot) – as part of Festival Latin-Grec (Lyon, 69000, France)

Model : Viktoryia Zorina

Metamorphosis of Daphnée into Laurel


We wanted to play on the different antitheses that the myth equivoques, and in the first place, the opposition between the nakedness of Apollo and the modesty of the nymph. The formal choices made are the expression of a certain constraint, of confinement, but also of the sensuality of the nymph reinterpreted in contemporary lines. 

The action of flight and the urgency that presses the nymph inspired us with a fluid silhouette, almost impalpable. That is why the negligee is made in chiffon that infuses the idea of movement at the same time as a certain fragility