Sympoiesis : a bio inspired dance performance Direction and costumes:Laurane Le Goff (MA Art and Science) Dancers and co-creators:Megan Eyles (Trinity Laban Conservatoire)Aske Ploug (London Contemporary Dance School)Justine Prignot (London Contemporary Dance School)Timea Szalontayova (Trinity Laban Conservatoire) Sound design:Victor Paredes (PhD sound-music-movements interactions, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou) with the collaboration of Anshuman Gupta (MA Biodesign) Videographer and… Continue reading Sympoiesis


Connected Analysis and classification of shapes and textures that compose mushrooms and other living beings. The photograph’s order creates pattern links between macroscopic and microscopic scales. Technics: Photography In Reprography Usb Digital Microscope (X50-X500) Digital Microscope Photography (Olympus Dsx500, Xlmplfln40Xdsx Objective, Is2M Mulhouse (69200)) Digital Microscope Photography (Fei Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope, Quanta 400, Is2M Mulhouse… Continue reading Connected


Transition This project was an opportunity for me to combine and interrogate immensely big and immensely small patterns in a credit card format. By mixing up the scales, I managed to get away from the figurative elements and ended up with abstract subjects that promote language across scales. The drawing series started for the exhibition… Continue reading Transition

Bacteria Manifestation

Bacteria Manifestation 4cm x 4cm, February 2016, Golden organza, batting and beads, screenshots details of photographs series of bacterial cultures. Beaded embroidery inspired by bacterial cultures observations. I tried to find a way to transcribe complex and changing microscopic textures and colours. The small squares’ formats permit the creation of movable ornaments on any support.

Trametes Versicolor

Trametes Versicolor Drawing, 420 x 297mm – February to June 2016 – Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencil, Posca and BIC pen on paper. By observing a tiny sample of a Trametes Versicolor collected in Vosges woods during a workshop, and spending hours drawing it, I apprehended its texture. An inherent quality that defines an abstract… Continue reading Trametes Versicolor