Connected Analysis and classification of shapes and textures that compose mushrooms and other living beings. The photograph’s order creates pattern links between macroscopic and microscopic scales. Technics: Photography In Reprography Usb Digital Microscope (X50-X500) Digital Microscope Photography (Olympus Dsx500, Xlmplfln40Xdsx Objective, Is2M Mulhouse (69200)) Digital Microscope Photography (Fei Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope, Quanta 400, Is2M Mulhouse… Continue reading Connected


Emergence Piece exhibited in the Wallpaper Museum of Rixheim (68), for the exhibition « Tour d’horizons, paysages en papiers peints». The repeated pattern was inspired by a combination of small natural shapes, but the format and the technic allowed me to express gigantism and landscapes. It brings a reflection on pattern scales in relation to… Continue reading Emergence