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Reproductions Choose a technic What is your favourite technic? Pencil Colour pencil BIC pens Acrylic Choose a size Select the size that is the most convenient A6 A5 A4 Card (A4 pleated => A5) Card (A5 pleated => A6) Specific format (square, round, oval) Send me a picture Send me an email with your choices… Continue reading Reproduction


Transition This project was an opportunity for me to combine and interrogate immensely big and immensely small patterns in a credit card format. By mixing up the scales, I managed to get away from the figurative elements and ended up with abstract subjects that promote language across scales. The drawing series started for the exhibition… Continue reading Transition

Trametes Versicolor

Trametes Versicolor Drawing, 420 x 297mm – February to June 2016 – Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencil, Posca and BIC pen on paper. By observing a tiny sample of a Trametes Versicolor collected in Vosges woods during a workshop, and spending hours drawing it, I apprehended its texture. An inherent quality that defines an abstract… Continue reading Trametes Versicolor


Mantis 35cm x 30cm, April 2015, Faber Castel Polychromos coloured pencil, Posca and BIC pen on polyester muslin. Original drawing that combines different other-than-human subjects from photographic supports. This visual research combines diverse organisms in one hybrid whole. It was also technical research on colours and shadings in a transparent and fragile fabric. The paradox… Continue reading Mantis