July 2021, crochet, a screenshot of the final video, 3:00 min.

From June 21st to July 9th 2021, I was selected to take part in a summer school with Shared Campus: Arts & Crafts Matters in a Digital Society! It happened online and was a collaboration between Zurich University of Arts, City University of Hong Kong, and University of the Arts London.

In a group of three, we developed a project that questions the role of crafts in the digital context implied by the global pandemic of COVID 19. Using our different cultures and backgrounds, we were inspired by the art of kintsugi, of repairing objects.

For 3 weeks, we studied the theories of care, and selected passages of texts that are read by an IA while the video is running.

Through our discussion, we realised that one craft that we could easily share, even online, is the practice of crochet. We started crocheting together from three different countries. This simultaneous act of craft became a way to rethink our relation to the online platform and to create a link between us. Each of our crochet pieces has been 3D scanned. What’s left of a craft when it becomes digital?

The final video, 3min.