International Tribunal on crimes against women

Tribunal International des Crimes contre les Femmes: une rétrospective An exhibition commissioned by: l’Université des Femmes Project coordinator, script and research: Milène Le Goff, historian Assistant: Xavier de Weirt, historian Graphic designer, scenography: Laurane Le Goff, artiste/artist Translators: Sigrid Dieu, Juliette Taing, volunteers Technical producers:Michel Le Goff, Jean Pierre Lema Printer: AGELIA Material supplier: La… Continue reading International Tribunal on crimes against women

Greetings from

Greetings from This project was created during summer school: Shared Campus Rivers. Jugular Veins of Empire With: -Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)– Kyoto Seika University (SEIKA)– University of the Arts London (UAL)– Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) This summer school uses the River Thames and other bodies of water as a point of departure… Continue reading Greetings from

Entangled Futures: mingling ecological knowledges

Entangled Futures: mingling ecological knowledges Entangled Futures is a series of lectures and workshops curated by Maite Pastor Blanco and Laurane Le Goff (University of the Arts London, (UAL) alumni from MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins (CSM)). The program aims to provide learning and creative thinking regarding the current ecological change by understanding… Continue reading Entangled Futures: mingling ecological knowledges


Scales June 2017 – April 2020Wallpaper, silicon and cotton threads, beads, paper and paraffin wax. Wadding, blue polyester knit. I collaborated with the Material Science Institute of Mulhouse (IS2M), to observe samples of natural elements under powerful microscopes and become amazed by the scales present on butterfly wings. I started to research a shape that… Continue reading Scales