International Tribunal on crimes against women

Tribunal International des Crimes contre les Femmes: une rétrospective

An exhibition commissioned by: l’Université des Femmes

Project coordinator, script and research: Milène Le Goff, historian

Xavier de Weirt, historian

Graphic designer, scenography: Laurane Le Goff, artiste/artist

Sigrid Dieu, Juliette Taing, volunteers

Technical producers:
Michel Le Goff, Jean Pierre Lema

Printer: AGELIA

Material supplier:
La – Douvres la Délivrande

The International Tribunal for Crimes against Women was held in Brussels from March 4 to 8, 1976. It brought together nearly 2000 women from all over the world, representing every continent. A major international feminist meeting, it has nevertheless fallen into
oblivion in the collective memory. A year and a half of research have led to the discovery of many previously unknown archives of the Tribunal. From Berlin to New York, from London to Australia, in the
The Netherlands or in France… Many sources have been found. Following a work of compilation, analysis and choice of the data to be presented, it was thus possible to mount an exhibition. The objective? To allow as many people as possible, without any prior
knowledge, to discover the extraordinary adventure of the “International Tribunal for Crimes against Women”.

The exhibition is designed to provide an understanding of the background of the Tribunal. It goes back to the reasons that pushed a small group of women to engage in this incredible project. It presents the background of the organization and the challenges faced to make the event happen. Finally, the exhibition helps to highlight the media impact of the Tribunal.

Each section features photographs and archive extracts. Until now, none of them had been made available to the public. For the first time, an exhibition allows us to gather them and divulge them.