At the edge

At the edge

A needle lace project, as part of the – MA interim show

19 – 25 April 2021 | (the website is not live anymore) was an online exhibition platform that stands at the forefront of current digital art practice. It represents the cross-fertilisation of ideas that span our postgraduate Art courses: MA Fine Art, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophy and MA Art and Science.

In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, and the need to present all artistic work online, this project questions the digital space. I created a handmade lace in the shape of a QR code.

What happened when the digital materializes itself?


Is it an obstacle? A frame? A wall to climb? A door to open?


Iron wire, polyester thread, nylon thread. 9cmx9cm. 2grams. 40hours work.

A Quick Response Code can be created instantaneously.
We don’t need to touch it.


As an object, it can fall, and obey the laws of physics.

The QR Code is a bridge, from an interface to a platform.
A symbolic drawing full of data. It transmits information.


The square can be distorted and evolve into something different. The former code is now its internal features and can become anything.

A code has a key, an encrypted message to decode.
It holds meaning, but you will need a device to discover it.


By being deprived of usefulness, does it hold a new meaning?


The results will be published on my Instagram account @l.lg_

Which series did you prefer and why? What did it make you think about? *

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