Tailored clothes

Tailored clothes Quote Do you have a specific occasion that requires an outstanding outfit? Wedding dress? Prom dress? Do you want to upcycle a fabric you really love? Contact me and let’s find out together what could work for you! Free Quote Preparation Let’s create your design together! Drawing of the design can be provided… Continue reading Tailored clothes


Sympoiesis : a bio inspired dance performance Direction and costumes:Laurane Le Goff (MA Art and Science) Dancers and co-creators:Megan Eyles (Trinity Laban Conservatoire)Aske Ploug (London Contemporary Dance School)Justine Prignot (London Contemporary Dance School)Timea Szalontayova (Trinity Laban Conservatoire) Sound design:Victor Paredes (PhD sound-music-movements interactions, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou) with the collaboration of Anshuman Gupta (MA Biodesign) Videographer and… Continue reading Sympoiesis


Scales June 2017 – April 2020Wallpaper, silicon and cotton threads, beads, paper and paraffin wax. Wadding, blue polyester knit. I collaborated with the Material Science Institute of Mulhouse (IS2M), to observe samples of natural elements under powerful microscopes and become amazed by the scales present on butterfly wings. I started to research a shape that… Continue reading Scales

Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova

Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova Written by Daniel Besnehard, with Anna Akhmatova’s poemsDirected by Tatiana Spivakova. With: Catherine Gandois, Sarah Jane Sauvegrain, Vincent Bramoullé Scenography by Salma BordesLights by Cristobal CastilloSound effects by Malo Thouément.Produced by 984 production It was played in the theatre Le Lucernaire (Paris) from January 29th 2020 to March 17th 2020. The… Continue reading Passagères – Tatiana Spivakova

Metamorphosis – Festival Latin Grec

Metamorphosis – Festival Latin Grec Design and making of the costume in collaboration with Amandine Pénigot and Thelma Di Marco (DMA Costumier Réalisateur, Lycée La Martinère Diderot) – as part of Festival Latin-Grec (Lyon, 69000, France) Model : Viktoryia Zorina Metamorphosis of Daphnée into Laurel I realised the design and the musline cape, and the dying ot it.… Continue reading Metamorphosis – Festival Latin Grec

Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame Text : Christophe Pellet WithDaphné Biga Nwanak AudreyClémence Boissé MoïraPaul Fougère WilburAlexandre Houy-Boucheny JoachimYsanis Padonou KathalynFlorian Sietzen Dimitri Directed by Ferdinand FlameDramaturgy Hugo SoubiseSet design Lisetta BuccellatoCostumes design Clémence DelilleStage manager Marco HollingerSound Lisa Petit de la RhodièreLight and video Germain FourvelBelén Perini (EMAD, Montevideo, Uruguay) The National Theatre of Strasbourg offered me to worked on: Les Disparitions, ou… Continue reading Les disparitions, ou tandis que le monde brûle – Ferdinand Flame

Waistcoat 1930

Waistcoat 1930 Waistcoat realized with the tailor Arthur Haie. This waistcoat is a specific model from the 1930s characterized by a square-form rever neck. We created a male cloakroom suit, worn with the suit of the time: white tie or black tie, respectively with the tailcoat or the smoking jacket. Technical challenges:Handmade tailor buttonholePiped pocket